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 St. Stephen Shelter House and its surrounding allow to organize interesting and rich in activities summer camps, winter camps, conferences, workshops, courses, ecumenical and cultural meetings or individual stayings.

          The House is located in the centre of Jelenia Góra valley which is vibrant of life all the time in the year. From the possession where the house is built we can see beautiful view on Karkonosze mountain – from the Okraj Pass in Kowary to Szrenica in Szklarska Poręba. House location creates wonderful conditions for those who are looking for calm and peace. For those who like spending time in an active way the House is an attractive place to sleep in. Before we go on a trip it`s worth to know what we can do in the House and its area. Particularly we recommend:
1. delicious meals
2. football pitch
3. volleyball
4. basketball
5. table tennis
6. gym
7. bicycles
8. deck-chair
9. library
10. television hall
11. piano
12. grill
13. fireplace
14. internet hall, wireless internet
15. closed car park
16. billiard
17. garden furnitures
18. markets and shops nearby

          There are some suggestions which enrich, diverse, teach and amuse at the same time add impressions and unforgetable memories:
Cieplice - it`s a part of Jelenia Góra where is situated the oldest health resort in Poland. It was established in 1281. Located in Jeleniogórska valley in the foot of Karkonosze mountain at the high of 350 m above sea level captivate fresh air and unique micro climate. Neighbouring landscape  with varied  relief is enclosed by beautiful mountain range. Piedmont climate has positive influence on health and mood. Cieplice biggest treasure which health resort owes not only its name but also reputation and recognition in almost all Europe is therapeutic thermaquellen rich in chemical elements.
Cieplice with its charming full of sights part of old city, Museum of Nature and wide and well maintained parks “Zdrojowy” and “Norweski” encourage people to wonderful walks in the foot of Karkonosze. (Distance from the St. Stephen`s House is about 10 minutes on foot). 
Sobieszów- and ruins of Middle Aged Chojnik Castle (627 m above sea level) where charming trails at different level of difficulty lead. ( 3 km by bus)
Jelenia Góra – in the centre of old city there is Orthodox church St. Peter and Paweł Apostle (www.jeleniagora.cerkiew.pl), which inside allow us for a moment of meditation, reflexion and prayer. Besides there are many of beautiful old tenement houses, which have recently been renovated, create friendly  atmosphere. Jelenia Góra every time during a year is full of cultural atractions such as theatre, barnstormers, Jelenia Góra`s autumn, a lot of exhibitions and art displays. Great advantage of this city is that a lot of things is happening there. (7 km by bus).
Karpacz - one of most beautiful towns in Poland, and there worth to recommend among others is Wang church, middle aged  made of wood sanctuary (885 m above sea level) and many interesting trails which lead to highest top in Karkonosze Mountain which is Śniezka (1602m above sea level) – 20 km by bus.
Szklarska Poręba – charming town having rich offer for tourists, where streets lead to such wonderful places as Szrenica 1362 m above sea level, Kamieńczyk Waterfall 846m above sea level,Szklarka Waterfall, Snieżne Kotly and many others. 20 km by bus.
Kowary – it`s beautifully situated part of Poland, hidden between Karkonosze and Rudawy Janowickie at the hight of 420-1266m above sea level. What you must see there is Sztolnie Kowary, which lead through the world of legend, mysteries to the true history. Visiting this place you will get to know about the hard work of mining radioactive ore, mining techniques, look closer to accumulated set of minerals and precious stones.
“Lower Silesia Monuments` Miniatures Park – in lower part of Kowary in the area of old Carpet`s Factory in 2003 “Lower Silesia Monuments` Miniatures Park was established. People who visit this place have ability to see palaces, monasteries and all parts of old cities of Lower Silesia.

          For winter sports enthusiasts within a radius of 20 km, there is many ski routes and running routes. In Karpacz there is more than 20 ski routes varied according to the level of difficulty. You also have to your disposal ski routes in Szklarska Poręba ( ski complex Skiarena Szrenica), Jakuszyce and 7 km apart Jelenia Góra Łysa Góra.

          If you like getting to know other cultures and new people it is quite close to our neighbours Czech and there are Prague, Rocky City and many others beautiful places. It is also close to Germany, within reach of one day trip is Drezno, Lipsk and many other interesting places which you can visit for example with help of local travel agency.

          The most important is that life of the House goes about St. Stephens Chapel. Performance is in every Tuesday at 5p.m. and on Wednesday at 8 a.m. Every interested person can get to know very rich tradition and beauty of Orthodox Church.
          St. Stephen`s House is situated in the centre of great numbers of routes and tourists atractions. We hope that we will meet!